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2015 - 45 Miles 
2000 - Paris Burning - Live at the Chesterfield Café 
1999 - Ready To Ride 
1996 - Mama Lion 
1994 - Blue Heat

Kim Lembo is a Bay Area Blues Singer, Songwriter and Producer. After recording 4 albums in the 90's and early 2000's with indie label Blue Wave Records, as well as French label Sky Ranch Records, (a subsidy of Virgin Records), she left the labels and set off for the Bay Area to take a short hiatus from the business. The short hiatus turned into 15 well-lived years.

In 2015 she came back strong with her self-released 5th album, "45 Miles", an intimate portrait of her life. A slight departure from the blues/rock she had been doing, "45 Miles" is a more thoughtful album with all songs penned by Lembo (exception “This Little Light of Mine”) merging country blues and soulful sounds with the always present honky-tonk feel.

Rootstime Magazine out of Belgium describes this record (translated):

 "45 Miles" is a very personal and poignant album that has something to tell. It is an album that I absolutely recommend to everyone. —Eric Schuurmans

Blues Matters Magazine out of England calls the record “Magic”.

Lembo plays throughout the year either solo or with her band “The Kim Lembo Project”, a collection of rotating Bay Area musicians bringing her unique sound that is at once raw, original and retro.

Whether with her full band or solo, Lembo brings an edgy soulfulness combined with poetic lyrics and storytelling. Her voice is big and echoes Etta James with songwriting that meets Lucinda Williams if they played in a band with Janis Joplin. It is the sound of music that cannot be fully defined by a singular genre, although blues comes the closest.

She sings from her soul with songs written from the heart.

Kim Lembo has played all over the US, Mexico, Canada, France and has recorded albums in France, California, and New York. From the stages of Paris to hiking up the side of the Great Wall of China with a guitar and a slightly broken foot, she has brought her uniquely deep and powerful voice to thousands throughout the world. It is a voice to be reckoned with and a story to be shared.

Kim Lembo can be found around the Bay Area rabble-rousing and playing/producing events.